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Doki Doki Yuukai~

Hahaha, Its been quite fun these few days.

Yesterday went to airport with most of the sec 2s to send off those going to Penang. Played games and all, on the train on the way to Changi and at Mac after having breakfast.
The one in Mac was ultimately gross. Ew~~
But still very exciting la haha.
Afternoon we had CIP. On the way to JE, played games again. ‘Orbi Orbi’ is it? Slap each others legs/hands de. Play until everyone’s leges was red like ohmygod.

After CIP, Mr Khoo sent us to Vivo City to have our super late lunch heh.
Then played games again. Truth or Dare.
Then quite late le, we just walk walk, find place to sit down, chit chat~

After training today we had lunch, and we played games again, and I totally owned wahaha.

Thanks to Zeli Jaye Qianling Jane Yangyu Meiru.


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Time for a propper post. 😀

There was training today.
But I don’t like waking up early hehe.
Very tired. Zzz.
Always don’t seem to be able to wake up,
and when I do I’m still tired. -.-

Friendly against SJI.
Actually it wasn’t very friendly, like the one against Greenview.
They were pretty rude.
The way they played against us, it felt like they weren’t respecting us.
Ah whatever. Tsk.


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It feels more comfortable using wordpress haha.

Yay me.

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