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Zzz. Holidays are ending.
Thsi totally stinks.
I’m not even halfway through my homework!!
Guess I’ll have to chiong every single day now, a lil bit each day.
Let’s hope I’ll stop procrastinating.

I don’t want to go back to school RAWR!.

Christmas yesterday.
Didn’t have family reunion or anything of the sort,
in the end went out with Junyi, Yingchang, Siewyi and Huixin to Wildwildwet.
Junyi was totally late, like half an hour, then while waiting for him at BB Station I saw Zeli haha.

Overall quite fun la,
but got sunburnt BOO! (thanks mom, for the sensitive skin you genetically passed on to me). 😦
My feet hurt too, a bit of skin peeling off each foot. Ouch, it really hurts btw.

Just a short post, have to finish up my Math. 😦

“Today, some guy called my cell phone number asking for Edward.(Probably a wrong number though) I answered that I was busy making out with Bella. They apologized and hung up. Five minutes later, the same number called back and he said, “Edward, this is Jacob. I’m gonna beat your ass you freaking sparkly pussy.” I need to find out whose number this is. MLIA”


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Have I mentioned how much I love badminton?
Nan Hua Badminton Team has definitely changed me.
Only stupid people like Qinwei don’t kow how to appreciate life. But of course. He’s a no-lifer. Bad pun, I know. But I just couldn’t resist it. Lols.

At first I wasn’t so into the sport when I was much younger.
I always thought training was so tiring twice or thrice a week was probably enough.

Now I realise even 4 times a week isn’t even enough. Training everyday is the best possible solution for improvement.
But of course we wouldn’t have everyday to train.. As students we still have the responsibility of studying.
And I have to throw away the chance of training an extra day during Saturday, my only 4th day, because of a stupid stupid financial problem my family’s facing. RAWR T T.
Thank God the coach still lets me go if I’m willing to, even if that means less pay for him. :D.

And could it go any better? Yes it could. I’ve made some really fun friends as well.
I’m not really that good at making friends, so even a few friends mean a lot to me. Prank calls, games, talk cock sessions. They’re pretty fun. :D.

I’m not playing good enough.
And so I’ve decided. For myself, for my teammates, for my coaches and teachers-in-charge, I’m gonna work EVEN harder. Don’t worry, my heart problem don’t even bother me anymore. 😀

And now another joke. Let’s see…
“Today, I was coming back from a concert on a train. My mother and my 7-year old brother were sitting in front of me and my friend. My brother recently got new basketball shoes that had basketballs on them and was very paranoid about keeping them clean. So, all of the sudden, he suddenly yells “Mom! You didn’t clean my balls!” EXTREMELY loudly. I love my brother. MLIA”

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Alone. At home.

Home is boring. Everytime I’m at home I’ll be thinking of my homework, and I’ll just keep procrastinating. When will I get them done?! Hais.

I’m the only child and its gonna be really boring when I’m alone at home. My mom’s gonna work, which could a be a big relief for me sometimes.
Well back to the topic. Well yeah, I may be used to this loneliness already. It doesn’t hurt having someone by my side. Someone I can chat with easily, someone I can chat with about really really really EVERYTHING in the world.
When I think about my class next year. 302. I wonder if I’m gonna be so so so so alone loh.. Maybe I’ll just be staring at enjie. >.>. Or I’m gonna be so damn quiet like the start of sec 1. Hah, sec 1. I remembered Siewyi said I was so quiet in school, then msn chat so much.
Sometimes, I think I’m a mystery even to myself.

Wonder how I’m gonna find good friends among the 12 boys.. >.>
Fuck. Really really fuck. And I doubt the girls there would be any easier to get along with. Tskkkkkkk. Fuck. -‘-
I’m pissed talking about this.

I’d rather talk about the past.
Yesterday was fun. At ahma house with Phil and some other cousins, stupid little kids who just jump about and face plant (?). Imba. Phil was practically Lol-ing for like 10 minutes.

Guess to relief myself from some boredom, I’ll post something from MLIA ever time I blog.
Today’s a Twilight joke (if you’ve added me in Facebook you’ll probably see it).

“Today, my two sisters were having a fight over the dinner table, one is 14 the other is 6. My 14 year old sister yelled “Well santa’s not real!”. My 6 year old sister plucked up some courage and yelled “Well niether is Edward Cullen!”. One ran from the table crying. I think we all know who did. MLIA.”

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Surprises were aplenty, Kevin Alex, even Kimbly (she’s just next door) were having their chalets at the same days.
Tbh, it wasn’t the best of chalet (mainly because the guys weren’t enthu :(), but many thanks to Yingchang anyway!!

Just came back today, a lot of different feelings I’m experiencing right now. Wonder why..

1st Dec-
Went to Mac at Bukit Batok with Jennyeong to have our lunch. I ate the Grilled Chicken Burger. Very nice!! (Y) Haha.
Then went to JE meet up with Qinwei and Daniel.
They were late like kns. Luckily we reached Pasir Ris on time. 😀
Actually hoh, I wanted to dao Qinwei the whole chalet one, cause he pon badminton for the whole month. But I thought: “算了, outside of cca why do this kind of childish things?”
:O. See I so nice.
Reached Pasir Ris, so a lot of Nan Hua people, then realise 205 and Council having their chalet at the same days. Wow.
Ate Strawberry Shortcake McFlurry while waiting for shuttle bus. Don’t ever buy it, its too sweet. Not nice. Tsk.
Reached Costa Sands, got Chen Feng to help us check in, since need adult. O.O
Played some games, mostly organised by Yingchang. But they not enthu!! Zzz.
Then play water bombs. Wee! This one everyone most enthu, except for Daniel Qinwei still, they never bring a lot of shirts -.-.
After that we rent our bikes and have our dinner.
Slack slack until around 10 when we have our night cycling.
Cycle until Changi Village have the ‘world famous’ nasi lemak (?).
Quite dark la, but not very scared, since a bit 习惯 le. Except for the Changi Hospital and Changi Village areas. Changi Village cause scared get into trouble with the transexuals.. O.O

2nd Dec-
Daniel Lee’s birthday :D.
When we came back from night cycle, saw Daniel (from tuition) sleeping outside of his class chalet. Lols. Random.
Didn’t sleep, cause not very tired, somehow.
Watch TV and play poker cards until 4+ then sleep.
Morning when I woke up, saw like very little people. O.O
Then after a while all like come back le, from their activities (walk walk). After having brunch, the whole afternoon was like slack la.
Until 6.45 we start bbq-ing.
The starting of the fire was shit la, shan’t elaborate.
But once the fire was hot enough, we could cook our food damn well.
We cook the food damn nice one ok!! Pity that the girls not here to taste our excellent food XD.
Celebrate Daniel’s birthday, give him cake, present.
Slept early.

3rd Dec (today)-
Woke up early, went to watch sunrise.
But the dark clouds blocked everything -.-.
Walk walk a bit, play the human-sized maze, etc (can’t remember liao).
Then went back chalet, play poker and shower then get ready to checkout.
Went home, byes all. 😦

Today wasn’t exactly a good day for me, feeling low all the while.
Maybe its because we’re seperating soon.
Maybe its because I’m tired.
Maybe its because I’m pissed at some people.
Maybe its because I couldn’t be alone out at the sea this morning when I wanted to.

Maybe its because.. she’s just next door, and yet I didn’t even see her clearly once.

Fate didn’t permit us to see each other face to face, yet when I was right behind you, I had no idea.

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