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I’ve gotten over her.
A beauty she has been.
I wish her all the best,
in her studies,
in her career,
and in her life. 😀

Yumi Sugimoto!!

Rin Takanashi!!

Suzuka Morita!!

Rin Asuka!!

Rika Sato!!

Okay, enough said. You can tell how chio and kawaii they are compared to you, you and you. XD

I know I’m a big bad stalker… Muahaha. (^-^)v


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“He only yearns for friendship, and acceptance.
He approaches and speaks, yet getting not one reply.
Though, despite his upbeat tone, did you notice the loneliness and lies in his eyes?”

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These days, I feel left out, and unusually sensitive to friendliness.
I don’t really feel like I’m part of the class anymore.
Everyone’s grown so ‘clique-ish’.
Cliques marginalise. And does anyone like being left out?
Absolutely not.

But I don’t care anymore.

And I thought it was going to be a good class..

Just screw out of my life will you?

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Very short tempered these days. Piss me off, and I won’t hesitate to shoot you down with my mouth. Tsk.

When people are having fun, they fail to notice.

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There’s fucking so much on my fucking mind and I can’t concentrate on my fucking homework.

I want to scream and shout out loud.

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The three of them have been busy talking about i-don’t-know-what, that they haven’t realised that they’ve been ignoring my presence.

Thinking so much these days… Someone help me?

And yes, I guess I would’ve appealed out of thsi class if there were better choices. And apparently Double Sciences class don’t have much of a choice. Tsk.


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Its been a hectic week. Urgh. I’m freaking tired, of school, of homework. I even got ill. 😦
I wanted a break.
So I went to L4D2 today with Annie, Siewyi, Jennyeong, ALEX :), Annie’s Bro Danny. And even Yikang .__.
Pretty fun. 🙂

My new class pretty cool, honest :).
Its perfect in a way, yet imperfect in another way.
Sometimes its fun, yet sometimes, I still feel left out.
Enjie has his own friends there, so I’m left to make my own friends.
And I still sigh even though I’ve made really good friends, 2 of them, at least.
Maybe I’m too much of a perfectionist, asking for too much, leaving myself disappointed. And often, life don’t go the way we want it to go.
*Sigh*, a really really big one.

I know I have real good friends by my side, but sometimes, I can’t help but feel really really… lonely…

Is someone watching over me?

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