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“Looking up to the sun,
flying high, up high on wings,
The heat dissolves them,
and he falls into the sea.”

Such stories don’t ring with my heart, I only believe in fated love.

Been long since I posted these sort of literary stuff.
Mental block for ages since I haven’t had time to read up, except for the recent Off Centre. But its kinda useless, it doesn’t help, since most of it is in Singlish. Bleah. I despise Singlish. 😀

Tomorrow’s Physics and Literature Commons!!
Zomg haven’t started revising yet.
Came home and immediately napped again. -.-
Sighs, have to sleep late again today.
Lucky tomorrow’s the last day.
Hope I can do pretty well.
B3, at least, I hope.

Gotta go, have to start soon. 😦


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Tennis no Oujisama. <3

Ugly cast!!!

But surprisingly, its got excellent plot, expanding slightly further into PoT anime’s story and feelings.

Have to admit though, it could do better with better-looking cast..

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Omelette Rice

I’m very simple, I just want to be happy.

Yet, something this simple, is so hard to fulfill.

Small and insignificant like this meagre portion of omelette rice.
Possessing a smile that’s ‘coloured’ on to, instead of one that comes from the heart.

That’s me, I guess.

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**This is going to be a rant post. Its your choice whether you want to read on or not.

Did you have a good day?
I hope you did.
Well, I certainly did not.
Now you must be thinking why I always seem to be having bad days.
They’re not my choice, though if you were living my life, I’m sure you’ll be patting me on my back, asking how I supposedly survived all these.

While visiting someone’s house, watching some television programmes, I came across a quote. It sort of remained in my mind until now, and I’ve decided to blog about it.

“What’s money, when you’ve got friends.”
Do you agree?
Don’t scroll down, I want you to think it through, and I mean it.
Now stop scrolling down, stop cheating.
Ok, now what did you think I picked?
Of course I disagreed.

I mean thats what people say, when they have money they can throw around, and don’t have a problem family and/or friends that don’t look like friends.
They don’t understand, how much frustration it is, when you have restrictions with your pocket money, or how much pain it is, when you’re just left alone and when your parents are fucking up (and I don’t mean it literally) and you can’t do a thing about it.

These don’t happen in your life right?
Admit it, they don’t happen in your life.
Material gains aren’t everything, I know that. I can get over every dream of gaining some new technology.

But I want to at least give myself some satisfaction from living, from my life, no matter how fucked up it has been..
I used to be so off center. I thought through it, instead of finding my center, I decided to give myself one.
Now, I’m center, but am I really?


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Prince of Tennis!! Live action film!!

Kay, recently I’ve gotten back to watching Prince of Tennis, somehow. 😀
Started with this Prince of Tennis film.
Found out that there’s this Taiwan PoT drama as well. Ugly actors I must say. Pui!!
But maybe I’ll just watch it, because its Prince of Tennis. I’ll ignore its flaws for its excellent areas. 😀

Prince of Tennis ftw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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