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Adorable, no matter her expression.

Trying to chiong through this post so I can continue with my English composition. Running anway, yeah right, I’m running away from it now. Pfft..

Congrats to B Boys for defeating SJI. Good effort, everyone. Rough start for everyone, but our singles all made it through to the end. But doubles, fret not, you tried your best, but the opponents were just too strong for you right now.

Of course, this match led me thinking (was there anything that I did that doesn’t ever lead me thinking. I’m a philosophical ma. But sometimes, maybe I think too much, I guess), would I be still be cheering for the players, or would I be on the court, doing the magic, creating the miracles? I’d like to be the latter. I really do. But life’s harsh, wanting it, no matter how hard, won’t earn you it. I’m going to try harder, sacrifices to be made along the way, to move forward, towards my goal. But time is short, will I make it?


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Its been over a week since I posted. ~.~
Super tired over the week,
lucky I managed to control my temper pretty well,
and didn’t flip as much as usual :D.
(psst, I still don’t like much of the councillors that friggin keep telling us to go to the parade square. Please, we only have 10 minutes of interaction time and they want to take more time away from us. Really, one day I’m gonna slap one of thsoe friggin hypocrites).

I need to stop procrastinating, no matter how bored I am.. 😦

Now that’s way too cute to resist.
I know, I’m a friggin slut. 😦

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Holidays are ending~

Gahhhhh. Boo. 😦

Haven’t finish my homework. Pui. But that’s not the point. Holidays are ending soon, though it didn’t really feel like an actual holiday (too little L4D2 time and too little badminton -.-). Meaning I have to fucking studyyyyy. Sucks, freaking sucks. -.-. And we’d have to change seats when we get back to school..

I want to stay with my current seating arrangements, and everyone else around me to stay too.. Jamie and Shuping beside me, though there are instances of awkward silences (oops?), they’re very funny sometimes :D. Behind me, teammate Qianling, always so blur and careless when it comes to Math, until its so humorous at times.
Diagonally behind, Vinod-ish Benedict, always so much smarter and better than me (except maybe at Math) and Beng Kang, always chit chattering away..

I know I’ve been trying very hard to control my temper and vulgar language usage, I’m really not in the mood this few days, and I really want to say this word: FUCK.

People always tell me, for me to be understood, I have to start opening up more. What can I say? I’m the way I am, I’d love to change, but I won’t be me anymore. I’m the quiet one as first sight, never the topic-starter, and I’m almost always in my own world.
I fight so hard to keep my closest friends closer, but it always seems like, one by one, they’re fast disappearing. They don’t know it, but subconsciously, thy’re drifting further and further.
They don’t know, that I’m feeling lonely.

As usual,


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Kay, though I said I was going to post again a day later, I didn’t. Schedule has been quite packed this whole week. So I’m here to make up for it. πŸ˜€

Kay last week went to Malaysia. Afternoon like 1pm left in Uncle’s car.. Then jam jam jam, jam until very bad, sit in car sit until tired loh~ Zzz. Until like around 4 (can’t remember), reach Malaysia, then went to eat a bit.
Reach Aunt’s house, shower, then leave again to restaurant. RAWR, keep travelling, sibei tired loh.. Want to sleep already.

Always go the same restaurant, I sian already… Jk haha. 做人 must ηŸ₯袳常乐. Maybe.. But I see all the iPhones people flashing around will εΏƒη—’η—’ leh…

Then got a lot of food, but not very good la. Restaurant food hoh, is mostly just look good only. That’s the reason for it being expensive. Tsk.

Went back to Aunt’s house after the whole thing. Tired like fag. And my cousin’s baby is so damn cute!!!! Looking at him keep make me laugh muahaha. πŸ˜€
Then slept from 12 until 10. πŸ˜€
Camp in front of laptop until like 3 left for Singapore alr. Didn’t see the cute baby, he must have slept. 😦

Then this week, last week of school, IS EPIC FUN LOL.

Wednesday, Road Run Day epic fail!!!!!
Raining very very very badly, then the whole thing cancelled. Mrs Tan is such a jinx, hais. HAHAHAHA.

But thats not the point, they tell us all to go home, but who really cares?! Most people ended up having lots lots lots of fun. Seriously, would they think we’d coop ourselves at home? No way, NOT EVER. Stupid adults. πŸ˜€

Went out to Vivo with Beng Kang, Jamie, Shuping, Iris, Li Tong, Xiaotong and Julia.
Ate our Brunch, then when they went to play with cards, I went to find my 204 people who were in Vivo too~ :D. Sat with them while they ate, then went back to find the 302 people.
Movied, then slacked a while, play with water, then went home.
Okay la ps I lazy post, its quite late hehe..
Honestly on that day I wanted to go lan the whole day :(.

Fun on Thursday training!!

Then today’s Friday, Qianling’s birthday haha.
Happy Birthday the-girl-who-sits-behind-me-and-always-makes-careless-mistakes-in-math.

HAHA PE in the morning made my day.
You should see my godly overhead service. I swear I could’ve won the game just by serving if Ms Saw hadn’t asked me to change to underarm serve and use lesser strength..

Then Lunch went to 301 to celebrate Qianling’s birthday with the batch. Haha, we were like crazeh~~ Okay not me. They were playing with the cream and I just joined in, once or twice. πŸ˜€

After school, stayed back to do some homework and chat, then went out to Mos to dinner. And chat chat play play until like 8 plus then go home.
Ahaha Shihan is good at making funny faces!!


(omg my the web browser just hanged on me, luckily the whole chunk didn’t disappear. Thank god for Google Chrome!)


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Gazing at that lady in the lavender-coloured dress, sitting a table away. Much like the lavender rose, a symbol of love at first sight, she looks amazingly beautiful. Her excellently-placed side-ponytail and bangs, adds on to her remarkable beauty, and her etiquette, elegant is probably the only word to describe it.

That was probably what I was thinking when I saw this amazing beauty across the restaurant yesterday night XD.

Shall leave the rest of the trip to Malaysia tomorrow. Its getting late. Yawns.

I miss that cute little baby in my aunts house. Oh I didn’t get to see him when I left, he was probably sound asleep.

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Haha today’s my big day, doesn’t make much of a difference anyway, but whoah, a lot of people wished me.

In chronological (or not) order: Yeesiang, Moujun, Bernard, Shihan, Hannah, Suelynn, Annie, Kelvin Goh, Jennyeong, Enjie, Jane, Nicholas, Siewyi, Huixin, Lizhu, Qianling, Yingchang, Jamie, Jiamin, Yaying, Kimberly, Jianyi, Daniel, Qinwei, Huiwen, Yap Jun Yi, Keni

Online: Amelia, Xinying, Winiline, Sherrise, Huiqi, Khai Siu, Joseph, Shuan Hock, Cindy, Ai Peng, Kai Long, Siti, Sherry, Bing Hwang, Thenappa, Joel, Qiwei, Seng Wee, Ruiqi, Jiajing, Ruiqi, Phil, Isadora, Siying, Tseyu, Hejin, Xiaotong, Chuan An

Thanks to all of the above. :D. Bet if there wasn’t facebook there wouldn’t be so much people. :p.

And thanks to my classmate for their surprise, though it was pretty obvious (they brought me to the toilet saying they had something to show/ tell me). Being the smart guy I am, I wasn’t so easily decieved!! WAHAHA.

Thanks to Siewyi and Annie for the stuffed monkey (is it?), Enjie and Jennyeong and Jianyi and Kelvin Goh for the 2 books (Oh what a time, I absolutely have no time for storybooks!! :o). Thanks too Qinwei and Daniel for the pencil case from Wallet Shop.

Thanks, again. But honestly I would’ve preferred Yumi Sugimoto’s autograph and pictorial book and her single debut CD!! Jkjk hahaha.

I’m totally smitten with Yumi!! Ohmygod :D.

during her debut CD release I had no whatsoever wtabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz reason to attend. 😦


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Thrash talk.

Life is never fair. I’ve learnt it through the hard way, again.

I’ve worked so hard, for the whole week I’ve been sleeping past midnight, having an average sleep time of 4 hours. And what reward have I reaped?

I want to do well very badly. I’ve done so much, I’ve sacrificed so much for time to study, what more do I have to give?!

I wouldn’t mind, if I were just frickin’ slacking around. But I worked so hard.

All hopes and dreams dashed in a single second. Like a stone thrown into a well.

ζˆ‘δΈη”˜εΏƒ, ε΄εΎˆζƒ³ζ”ΎεΌƒ..


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