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Gosh, its past midnight already. Since its so late, I guess I’ll try to make this a quick one. 😡

Its been a rough week. Plenty of homework, since the mid-years are coming soon. Urgh tough. Don’t know how I’m gonna handle them. Damn it. -.-

Competitions have ended. We were so close to the Nationals Semifinals. Considering we were playing such strong schools, we did well, or rather, they did. I’m really proud of my seniors, no matter how much of a fool they usually are.
I know none of them will read this, nevertheless, I’m still writing this: I’ll miss them. It’s going to be a lot different without them in trainings. Things will be a lot quieter, and I don’t want that. I guess I preferred the nonsense and laughter we all shared together. True, I disliked them when I first came. Little did I know, that as I get to know them, I found out that they were such interesting people, that I would be proud of them one day..
Well, all the best my beloved seniors.
I’ll earn a spot on the playing team next year, and then, it’ll be my turn to do you proud. I hope..

On the other hand, since I was pretty bored today. I went blog hopping and stalking, for quite some time too.
Everyone have their own set of complaints. That’s common. What they fail to realise is that, they don’t know how blessed they actually are..

With just a snap of their fingers, someone rushes to their side. With just a slight sound from their mouths, they can get practically everything they want. They lack nothing in their lives, they only want more. Or worse, they flaunt what they have that others cannot afford.

Screw. that.

Call me jealous, bitter, whatever you want. I won’t deny it, sometimes I really feel that way. But I can just swat the feeling away like a fly any time I want.

I say this because I’m not so fortunate. Not trying to gain pity here, nor do I expect any change, I don’t have rights or the power to make others change their thinking and way of life. All I want to say is: they’re real asses. They don’t know how fortunate they are. Really, they don’t.


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There used to be one thing I believed in: “If you don’t have a centre, don’t wait for it to come to you, find one”. But know what? That was when I was much more confident that I could do better.

Then there was another quote I encountered: “I was born talented, but education ruined me”. Maybe I’m not really talented, I’m aware of that. But between what I could do, and what I’m doing now. It’s really a big difference, too big of a difference, if I must say. Now, I can’t even achieve the targets and expectations I set for myself. I can’t do anything right.

Maybe I need a break, to be free of all these problems, and then start over again, afresh..

I won’t give up, not yet. there’s still time left. I’ll continue to fight. And if there isn’t enough time, well we’ll come to that next time.. ._.

No, this isn’t working. Guess I’ll have to find another way to relief stress. ~.~

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Put some meaning into my life will ya, whoever’s up there.
I’m not going anywhere right now.
I’m an aimlessly wandering ship right now, no captain, nothing to steer me about.
I’ve no destination, just drifting in circles, wherever the winds carry me to.

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