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Piscean.. I live in my own world, as such, there’s always a barrier around me. This wall.. no one has been able to break it down, hardly even getting close to it. I don’t know how long, but I’m still looking for the one that could break this wall down, for the one that would let me bring it down for him, for her. Yes I have close friends, but not one of them, truly understands me.

Did you know, another quality of a Piscean is that he or she is rather intuitive. When one tells a lie to me, I can tell. There’s no real strategic way or whatever bullshit, I just know it. If you think you can lie to me and get away with it, well, forget it. To have a close friend lie to me, it’s just annoying.

Well, enough bullshitting. I’m off to do my work. ._.
I’ll edit this post soon. It’ll be a little about the Malaysia trip. It’ll be a real pain in the ass to type everything out so just ask if you want the details.


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I feel so messed up these days. I don’t know why, don’t ask me why.

And I probably should really really start my homework too. Especially that English panel discussion thingy. But it’s the holidays.. Shall leave them for tomorrow. And yes, that will be the last time I say this sentence.

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Had a shit of a night.

Was so excited to go out to West Mall please. West Mall, it’s boring yeah. But I saved enough, and wanted to get the RDR album. Get the Sooyoung poster (or at least trade it off for one with whatever else I get).

Hell, and what happened? My mom absolutely refused to let me buy it, not even if I’m using my own money. What a way to ruin my day.

And oh please, the money she “gave me” is my own money okay? Has she ever thought that, who is it that had to sacrifice his room for about half the money that she’s keeping? Oh because it’s my room, she doesn’t feel the pain. Ingrate. I could’ve been sleeping in my own room all this time and not on a filthy mattress. And my room wouldn’t stink with the smell of I-can’t-remember-how-many outsiders.

Splendid. Just splendid.

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This is Yumi Sugimoto’s first single pv!!

I’m gonna leave it under my profile tab too!! So I can listen to it every now and then. <3.

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I had meant to post last Monday, when I had returned from Malaysia.. Why, you may ask, have I delayed the post sooooo long? Because I was procrastinating every single bit of the time I could’ve used to post. :D. Was busy catching up on One Piece manga, and have managed to catch up with it, watching videos, and at one point of time I wasted one hour trying to bookmark every website I remember, because Google Chrome had erased all of them overnight. Screw technology, I say.

And now, I’m still procrastinating, watching on Youtube Yumi Sugimoto’s various cutesy ‘Heart Jack’!! (What’s Heart Jack?! I’m not surprised you don’t know, but if you really want to find out, visit the ‘profile’ tab just above and wait for the 2nd gif image to load. :D) Ah Yumi-chan is just too adorable!! ❤

^ This is probably why I haven't got any girlfriends (not that I want one), too busy in my own world, as a 宅男 and fanboy if I must admit. ._.

Ok, back to 1 week ago.
The last trip to Malaysia, was worth it, even though it was freaking hot and I had to be away from my computer :(.

I've always asked myself: where will life take me? I always say that I would like to reach the light at the end of the road, but not once have the thought what may lie behind the brilliant radiance come across my mind. Of course, I wish for some place brighter than the present. But will it really change?

Who really knows? Definitely, I don't.

I'll continue to live life this way, my way. Successful or not, only I get to say whether the life I've led has been fulfilling. You might see me fight harder for what I want, or maybe I won't at all. It's my say, and my right, whether it';s worth my effort. I haven';t really be happy before, haven't really felt life was worth it up till now. But from now on, I'll make a change, I'll make my own life different.

I never know when to give up do I? Maybe it';s in my nature, that I don't give up. Hah.

People always talk about the future, hah, bullshit. I'll make the present a priority instead.

After coming back from Malaysia, met a crazy woman (mentally insane, really) on the bus home. Fuck, forget it. @.@

Then for the nest few days, oral examination and remedials. You wanna hear about them? No. I'm not gonna say it anyway, whoever wants to mention about remedials and school? It's the HOLIDAYS for god’s sake!

Then Friday was Literature seminar. Hate waking up early. -.- Beng Kang offered to fetch us there but was late himself. I’d have wanted to go there by public transport actually. Yawns.

Wanted to ask a question, but session was too short. Yawns again.

And people actually asked for autographs. Yawns more. -.-

Then went for lunch. Hejin thought the place looked familiar and suggested bringing us to Marina Square (how far away was that? I have no idea, didn’t go there in the end). Lucky we didn’t in the end, we could’ve gotten lost. Except Hejin did actually get lost, running around trying to look for Marina Square (I presume). And he took a cab home.

Wish I had gone with him, even though I would’ve wasted half of $30 (the 2 tickets come together at $30), because the unseen part was a complete BORE.

Spent the weekend at home (of course, I’m a 宅男). 😀

And this is the holidays for me~

You might think it’s boring, but I’m actually happy like this, of course it would have been better if education hadn’t existed.

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Sorry folks (those few that visit my blog)!!

Haven’t been updating for quite a long while now.
Gonna update soon already. 😀

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