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Part 1:
Today’s activity was pretty pointless if you ask me; People didn’t take it seriously. They were just in for the laughs. No need to tell me something I already know. Of course I know I can be quite fierce, I can be impatient. Then again, I can try to be as patient as possible, treat each one of you as nice as possible, but ask yourself: are you worth it? Sure, curse me, scold me behind my back after you read this. It just again proves that you’re not worth it. Writing on that piece of paper was pointless. Pointless.

Part 2:
People say I am hardworking. Sure I guess I am. I spend almost the whole of my 15 years doing my best to surpass the cream of the crop I’m in. Everytime I fail. But I always tell myself: “No, I can still try again next time”. This time, it’s the same. I won’t stand down. But I do realise that, no matter how hardworking I am, I don’t have the talents, don’t have the smarts. Fate is not on my side, be it on the court, or on the desks. But never mind, I won’t be defeated. One day, I’ll surpass all of you, I’ll be the superior being.

The nerd god arrives next week. (Y). I’ll make a come back.


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Feeling damn fucked up right now.

Yes, no matter how much I tried controlling my use of it, all I want to do now is to curse and swear.

I want to beat the living shit out of someone/ anyone/ something/ anything.

Nothing changed. Nothing ever freakin works out. No matter how much I work.

No one ever understands either. Look past my eyes and tell me you see the pain. You never learn, deepshits.

On the verge tears, but no one will ever know anyway. No one will ever CARE.

Someone teach me how to vent my frustrations. Blogging doesn’t work, doing this only stacks the pain.

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